Indoor Group Lessons

If you are NOT a club member and interested in taking lessons, you will first have to register to be a guest member of our indoor club, by creating an account.
It's FREE & It ONLY takes 5 minutes!

Below is a list of available lessons, all take place at our indoor club located at 217 Church Street, Wakefield RI 02879. 

(m)Members can register anytime, (g)guests can begin registering 10 days before start date. 

Monday’s 6-7AM (Mar 27th – Apr 17th) –  6am – 7am Early Morning Skills and Drills with Andy, for Advanced Beginner/Intermediates $80 (m) $120 (g)  – REGISTER

Monday’s 8:30AM (Mar 27th – Apr 17th) –  Beginner Step – 1 Group Lessons $80 (m) $120 (g)- REGISTER

Monday’s 10AM (Mar 27th – Apr 17th)–  Beginner Step -1 Group Lessons $80(m) $120(g) – REGISTER

Monday’s 1130AM (Mar 27th – Apr 17th)–  Beginner Step -2 Group Lessons $80(m) $120(g) – REGISTER

Wednesday’s 10am  (Mar 29th – Apr 19th ) –  Doubles Strategy – 4 week  $80(m) $120(g) – REGISTER

Wednesday’s 1130 AM (Mar 29th – Apr 19th) –  Advanced Beginner Group Lessons $80(m) $120(g) – REGISTER

Wednesday’s 4530PM (Mar 29th – Apr 19th)– Beginner Group Lessons Step – 1 $80(m) $120(g) – REGISTER

Wednesday’s 7PM (Mar 29th – Apr 19th)– Advanced Beginner Group Lessons $80(m) $120(g) – REGISTER

Friday Night Advanced Intermediate Training 530PM (Apr 7th – Apr 28th)–  $80(m) $120(g) – REGISTER

Saturday 830AM (Apr 1st – Apr 22nd 25th) – Beginner Step – 2 Group Lessons  $80(m) $120(g) – REGISTER

Saturday 10AM (Apr 1st – Apr 22nd) – Advanced Beginner Group Lessons  $80(m) $120(g) – REGISTER

Saturday 1130AM (Apr 1st – Apr 22nd) – Beginner Group Lessons Step 1  $80(m) $120(g) – REGISTER

(m) – member rate | (g) – guest member rate

Also Available: 

1 Hour Evaluation/Rating Assessment – one person only. REGISTER

Private/Semi Private Lessons 90 minutes. REGISTER 

Any Questions or Special Requests : (