Level Descriptions

Level:  Beyond Beginner / Low Intermediate

Ideal for players, who have just learned the game and those who enjoy casual play, where laughter is every bit as important as scoring points! 


Level: Intermediate / Advanced Intermediate 

Players in these sessions are looking for a competitive play to help improve their game.  This level understands the importance of court positioning with their partner.  Players are starting to understand variations of pace, direction, height, spin, and depth.  Acknowledges the difference between a hard and soft game. 

Tournament Level/ Advanced 

Level: 4.0/ 4.5

At the top of the pack? See where you stack up in this group. Expect fast-paced volleys and skilled ball placement. Players are expected to know the strategy of the game, work well with their partners, and be in the correct position throughout the point.  They are able to utilize drop shots, engage in consistent dink rallies, and reset points in order to slow the game down to regain offense.