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OSP is proud to offer the Paddletek brand. We offer demos for trial use and can help customize the right paddle for you!    

Phoenix $96.29 (includes tax)

The Paddletek Genesis Pickleball Paddle is ready to deliver top performance game after game.  Featuring a textured fiberglass epoxy hybrid surface, this paddle offers a sturdy construction that not only aids in a powerful response but offers great durability. The lightweight nature makes it easy to be ready for quick exchanges at the kitchen line, and with Paddletek’s original PolyCore interior, those reaction shots also feel comfortable and controlled on contact. Topping of a high performance construction is a unique look with different designs on each face of the paddle.

Bantam $159.43 (includes tax)

The Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Pro Paddle is the lighter weight version of the popular Bantam EX-L. A new, thicker “PRO” core for 2018 adds an aspect of forgiveness during power shots and dink shots. Plus, the new core stiffens/reinforces the handle and creates extra responsiveness across the entire hitting surface. 

The TS-5 Pro is perfect for recreational and tournament players looking for tons of control and exceptional pop. Made in the USA!

Tempest Wave II – $139.09 (includes tax)

A true player’s paddle, the Tempest Wave II offers you extreme control for strategic short games and top-notch precision. The textured graphite surface makes it easy to place the ball with pinpoint accuracy, and the graphite in the Tempest PolyCore dampens vibrations and reduces weight, while still providing enough power for a put-away shot. Swinging in at a middleweight of 7.4-7.8oz, the Tempest Wave II is a quick-playing paddle that offers an array of attributes fit to raise you high on the podium. 

Tempest Wave Pro $192.58 (includes tax)

Be ready for the winner’s circle. The Tempest Wave Pro delivers unmatched accuracy, power and forgiveness for an all around universal paddle. Smart Response Technology allows you to reach the highest levels of performance, while a large, consistent sweet spot adds finesse to every shot. The even balance of weight distribution and averaging in at 7.8oz increases paddle maneuverability and reaction time for the highest level of play. Want to become a pro? Here’s your chance! 


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